Medicheck Clinic & Diagnostics

Medicheck Clinic& Diagonostics

Medicheck Clinic and Diagnostics is the baby step that was taken way back in the year 2009. Medicheck has grown steadily from a Clinic to becoming a Corporate Group with many feathers in its cap. The Clinic is based in Eros Plaza, Charmwood Village. Till date OPDs continue and diagnostic samples are taken. The Clinic continues to service patients in and around the Charwood Village area


The exact meaning of the medical terminology,'OPD’- Out Patient Department (where patient is not admitted) where doctors only see patients listens to them and prescribes them medicine. It is a hospital department which is primarily designed to enable consultants and members of their teams to see outpatients at consultant clinics.

Sample Collection

The phlebotomist (blood collector) will collect blood samples ordered by the physician provided the sample can be collected in an evacuated tube, microtainer or syringe. The phlebotomists are limited to drawing from approved blood collection sites


Biomedical Investigation (or experimental medicine) is in general simply known as medical research or Investigation. It is the basic research, applied research, or translational research conducted to aid and support the development body of knowledge in the field of medicine.

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